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What is Badland Bargains and What makes it unique among Thrift Stores?

At Badland Bargains, we pride ourselves on offering a one-of-a-kind thrift store experience. Our store stands out thanks to our diverse inventory, charitable initiatives, and commitment to sustainability. We curate a wide range of items, from vintage clothing to unique home d├ęcor, all while supporting local charities with a portion of our proceeds. By promoting eco-conscious shopping and engaging with our community through events and partnerships, we aim to provide a dynamic and socially responsible shopping experience unlike any other thrift store.

How does Badland Bargains source its inventory?

At Badland Bargains, our inventory is sourced from various channels, primarily through generous donations. Additionally, we selectively procure items from private collectors and reputable retailers to enhance our selection.

Are the items sold at Badland Bargains inspected for quality and cleanliness?

Yes, We do our best to inspect and verify all items that come through our doors. we also include a 5 day warranty with all items that cover against defects, we just ask that you keep the original receipt.

Can I donate items to Badland Bargains? If so, what items do they accept?

Yes, Donations are always welcome, we accept all items including but not limited to Clothing, Appliances, Furniture, Antiques, Jewelry, outdoor equipment, electronics and much much more! all we ask is that each items is complete, Working order, and relatively Clean.

What are some strategies for finding great deals at Badland Bargains?

Come Early, Like the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. That saying applies here, we tend to put out new items between 8am - 10am so the best time to get your hands on some hot items is first thing in the morning.

Does Badland Bargains have any special sales events or promotions?

Yes, We put on many sales, typically we like to run 2 to 3 sales a month. Stay connected to our Facebook Page for all of our sales information.

How frequently does Badland Bargains restock its inventory?

Everyday! typically when we get donations in we are quick to get it out to the buyer.

How is the organization of items typically done at Badland Bargains?

We are still working on developing a proper organization system, we are currently organizing items by use.

What happens to unsold items at Badland Bargains?

We find many different ways to relocate unsold items, we will discount them, trade them for other stock, or donate them to another cause that may have better luck selling such items.

Does Badland Bargains have any partnerships with charitable organizations, and if so, how do sales benefit those organizations?

We do not have any direct connection to any organization directly, We work with many different groups throughout Drumheller, we feel that spreading our profits to many different organizations it really allows us to be able to help as many people as we can.

If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to us

Call: 403-820-6645


Email: BadlandBargains@yahoo.com

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